Optimize supply chain management

The retail industry is soaring with the advent of e-commerce development and this brings a lot of brick and mortar player for trying to sell their products online. This leads to tighter competition and the wider product which leads to the specialty assortment amongst the branded products. Either it is the electronics, fashion, home furnishing or the grocery items; the supply chain management is the only and the major way to cater all the market demands and sustainable profitability.

With e-commerce sales sprouting out at a fast pace of 10% to 12% CAGR, the retail industry footfalls in brick and mortar stores to keep shrinking it to 2% to 4% every year. Customers are making the mobile e-commerce purchases easily these days and with the increase in such habits, the mobile sales of e-commerce retail are expected to acquire the 54% of the market by the year 2021 which led to drastic changes in the industry.

All these major demands have a proactive approach from e-commerce retailers eying to match the ever-increasing demand of the users. But most of the retailers on e-commerce find it more difficult availing the logistics optimization and considers it as the business contrast to the supply chain front. The major key to optimize this entire process is by enabling the multiple debts to supply to multiple stores rather than just keeping it on the one single depot.

Companies should move from utilizing the just one fulfillment center to cater to all the online orders in any given city. Such businesses may well utilize the retail supply chain management for optimizing the processes to maximize their fulfillment capacity driving efficacy. Winning the customer in the environment of the cut-throat competition will require speeding up the delivery process. But, in this entire process, you must be losing large chunk of money to deliver the vendors as well.

How to start with implementing optimization technology?

The first and the foremost step to optimize and build the world-class supply chain, is to map out your current supply network. To begin with, updating the logistics technology for efficiency, you will need a lot of data. By integrating the multiple cost centers in the logistics app development can assist in gauge supply chain cost structures. Therefore you must try to collect the major key parameters like SKU to customer flow, cost of distribution and order fulfillment, facilities components like the size of the order, staff, etc, location sources and its flow to SKU.

This defines the chance to identify the pain areas and dwell up deeper into the work out as a cost-effectively yet beneficial way out for prospective and existing e-commerce customers. Retail and e-commerce development applications require more integration to give a different delivery option to the various locations and sometimes even multiple locations in a single order. All these without any errors in delivery and accurate and on time with the affordable shipping options. The most ideal way out for the retailers is going the e-commerce way too apt for the retail mobility solutions.

Steps that aims to scale fast in retail and e-commerce business through optimization

Let us discuss some major features that aim to scale the cost faster in retail and e-commerce industry through supply chain management optimization such as:

> Fulfilling the same delivery demands

As much as 96% of the customers consider faster delivery synonymous as same day delivery. Therefore, successfully running an e-commerce business in the retail segment will need moving beyond the existing fulfillment strategy for catering and increasing the online buying preferences. You might also need to suffice the customer demand of the same day delivery, especially in the metropolitan cities. This ensures that next day or the same day delivery with zero analysis and delays errors will help you to implement last mile delivery solutions.

> The gain in a competitive market

About 48% of the online shoppers consider the delivery date guaranteed as the value of the additional factor while checking out from the cart, which leverages the best delivery route optimization technology for consistent timely delivery. The optimization of the supply chain management will give you a competitive benefit in the market to reap the advantage of faster delivery. This is when you are optimizing the entire supply line then even when your routes from the vendor warehouse are supplemented, those can be optimized in a better manner.

> Develop a cost-effective supply chain

Blending the speed and affordably can yield you towards success, as it can also be a cost-effective method to tackle the logistic problems and solutions. For this, deep dive into your supply chain management for determining the areas of cost optimization and thus automating each and every possible step in the system that will have you end up saving more in the end. Speeding up for the order processing and delivery will also lower your revenue turnaround time and will save more on technology cost.

> Generate revenue through inbound logistics

The present evolving market scenario will need to have some major ways of optimizing the operations related to e-commerce order fulfillment while keeping the tap on the retail trends. This might be possible through the inbound logistics as it can positively impact the customers' experience. Through customers, you may not know what you are working within the back-end, but the ultimate delivery experience in treks of timely order management will help to drive the conversion in a better and convenient way.

> Integrated supply chain

To compete with the major giants like Walmart will need staying agile with your existing supply chain management solutions. The e-commerce companies working at an international level independently with the dedicated supply chain department. With more demand and more order generation, even the suppliers can help to optimize their last mile delivery system when it comes to catering to the giants. Therefore, all you need is to get the best logistics mobile app development to be integrated in your retail system.


The increase of electronic e-commerce services has driven the online retailers to work closely with other major firms as well to enrich the assortment of order fulfillment services that are being offered to the customers. The online retailers also have started working with the logistics industries to provide the tap into the resources and skills to fulfill their customer's needs.